Shann Lecturer by Mr. John Summers (Barrister)

2 Shann Lectures at St John’s College, entitled:

a. A Barrister practicing law in the UK, specialising in Land Laws
7th November 2011
b. The Evolution of English Land Laws
16th November 2011

The Lectures will be preceded by Sherry at 6.30pm in the Senior Common Room, then Prayers and High Table Dinner at 7.00pm in the College Dining hall, and the High-table Talk at 7.54pm in the Senior Common Room. If attending hightable dinner, please call Ms Yasti Cheng at 28177102.

St John’s College has been inviting Annual Visiting Scholars from associated Colleges and Universities to St John?s. This is the first of 2 for this Academic Year 2011-2012. The second series will be scheduled in March 2012 by Dr. Roderick Munday on Constitutional Laws and the Basic Laws.

If attending High-table Dinner, please make reservation with College Manager, Ms Yasti Cheng at 28177102.

For further information, please do not hesitate St John’s College tel. 28177102 or by email