Ex-Chairpersons’ Nite

Fifity alumni with twenty ex-chairpersons gathered at St. John’s College at 9th July to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the founding of SJCAA.

They were:
Front row from Left to right (Period being the Chairperson in St. John’s):
Mr. Lee Tin Fan, Paul (92-93), Mr. Ho Shiu Kei, James (89-90), Mr. Chiu Sung Tak, Vincent (85-86), Dr. Lau Sau Him (79-80), Mr. Chu Wing Yiu (80-81), Dr. Ip Shing Kwan (64-65), Dr. Eric Chong (Master), Dr. Yeung Sum, Johnson (72-73), Rev. Paul Tong (ex-Master), Mr. Ho Wing Huen, Frederick (65-66), Mr. Tsang Pak Ho (72-73), Dr. Alfred Tam Yat Cheung (74-75), Mr. Wong Man Tai, James (76-77), Mr. Ip Kit Tong (76-77), Dr. KC Wong (Dean of College)

Back row from left to right:
Ms. Lee Siu Mei, Mimi (11-12), Ms. Lee Huen Yee, Ada (94-95), Ms.Siew Fung Qi, Eliza (04-05), Mr. Ng Siu Bong, Ivan (00-01), Mr. Tam Wing Lok (97/98), Mr. Poon Kam Chuen, Andrew (99-00), Mr. Wong Hung Nam, Jacky (95-96), Mr. Tso Tsun Fai, Alfred (09-10)

The evening started with a Q&A section in which the alumni from the 90?s needed to make a guess for who was the chairpersons in the 60’s & 70’s. Vice versa, the alumni in the 60’s also needed to guess who were the chairpersons in the 90’s. This game was also repeated between the alumni from the 80’s and 2000’s.

After a very delicious buffet dinner, Mr. Vincent Chiu, the Chairman of SJCAA gave all the ex-persons and the past vice-chairmen and directors a preview of the centenary celebration events of SJC.

This was then followed by the highlight of the evening when all the “Excos” in the function participated in a creating of a timeline from the 50’s to now for St. John’s College and Students Association. A lot of the legends, histories, rumours were got mentioned and clarified. Hundreds of memories came back to the audience filling the St. John?s Dining Hall with both laughers and tears!