SOUNDLESS Christmas carol for Deaf people

If your children happen to be in HK during this Christmas, you could give them an opportunity to help this society by taking part in the Christmas Flag Day of the Hong Kong Association of the Deaf (HKAD) on the morning of Saturday, 25 December.

SJCAA is supporting this event. We will have two centres one in Tin Hau (run by Mr. Vincent Chiu) and one in Wanchai (run by Ms. Stephanie Lam) to distribute and collect the flag selling items for HKAD during the Christmas Day.

This Christmas Fund Raising Flag Day for Disabled People in Hong Kong is organized by HKAD with the approval of the Social Welfare Department. Our SJCAA Director, Mr. James Wong Man Tai is also a member in HKAD Fund Raising Committee. The funds so raised will support the wide range of services being provided by HKAD, including sign language interpretation, retraining for employment, support to parents with deaf and hard of hearing children, and public education on inclusive society.

However, due to the holiday season, HKAD has only limited support from various schools to provide teacher and student helpers. So they need more helpers and students on the Christmas Day to make this meaningful event a success.

It will be a great learning also for your young ones in this festival season to support the needed people in the society. If you or your children could help, please contact Mr. Vincent Chiu ( or Ms. Stephanie Lam ( Please send your name or helpers’ names, mobile no. by email to us. For children under 14 years old, they must be accompanied by adults.

The flags and the pockets for flag selling will be collected on the day of selling (25 Dec) in Tin Hau or Wanchai from 7:00 am; and will be returned to these collection centres by 12:30 noon. (Details will be provided upon registration.)

We definitely need you and your children to support us.

Sing a SOUNDLESS Christmas carol for Deaf people this year!