Golf Beginner’s Course

The First Lesson of the Golf Interest Group – GIG – started on 31st July 2003 (Thursday) with great success in the Students’ Common Room of St. John’s College.

There were altogether ten Alumni enrolling themselves in the 4 weeks ‘intensive’ training course. Our instructors, Mr. Philip Li and Mr. Albert Chan, were very patient in explaining all the basic terms of the game – e.g. handicap, par, tee… – to all the participants.

Then it came to the four basics of a making a good swing – the grip, the posture, the address to the ball (the distance from the golf ball) and the swing.

All the participants had the good chance to practise their first swing in the St. John’s Common Room.

We all look forward to our next adventure at the driving range at the Ka Tak Airport next Thursday, 7th August 2003.

We will meet at 7:45 pm at the registration counter of the Oriental Golf City. Come and join us if you like.