Reunion Guangdong Chapter 2010

More than 25 alumni joined the Guangdong Chapter Reunion Dinner at the Shenzhen Golf Club at 7th August 2010.

They first attended a seminar conducted by Prof. Jens of the Cambridge University (part of the Shann Lecture series in China and HK) in the afternoon.

After the cocktail session, dinner started with speech by Rev Eric Chong (Master of the St. John’s College). Our Alumni Chairman Mr. Vincent Chiu gave a presentation about the Alumni Association, the set up, history and the Parthenon vision.

There were three special programs of the evening – some alumni needed to come out to talk about their recent development, a beer competition and the lucky draw. The prizes of the evening were so many that virtually everyone had something to take home.

This was the second year the Guangdong Chapter garthered in Shenzhen and the Alumni Association would like to make it an annual event to facilitate networking and interflow.

For more pictures and videos, please visit the Facebook page of St. John’s College Alumni Association, HKU