AGM 2003

AGM 2003 was successfully held on Friday 18 July 2003 with more than 20 active St. Johnians and Alumni attending the event.

The Chairman’s report and the financial report 2002-2003 were unanimously adopted and a vote of thanks was passed to the outgoing Exco’s – Ms. Jean Chan, Ms. Phillis Loh, Mr. Edward Li and Mr. Stephen Lee.

A vote of thanks was also passed to our President Dr. Vivian Wong for her support of the Alumni Association in the past many years.

Following a very lively powerpoint presentation of the visions, the strategies and the action plans by Vincent Chiu (the coming Chairman), the new cabinet of Directors with the following office bearers and directors were elected:-

Chairman: Mr. Chiu Sung Tak, Vincent, 1/F, 83-87
Vice Chairman: Mr. Cheung Yue Pong, Joshua, 5/F, 65-70
Hon. Secretary: Miss Tsang Oi Kei, Olivia, 7/F, 96-99
Hon. Financial Secretary: Mr. Wong Hung Nam, Jacky, 1/F, 93-96

Mr. Wong Man Tai, James, 5,4,2/F, 75-79
Mr. Lee Hon Sum, Nixon, 6/F, 80-82
Mr. Lee Tin Fan, Paul, 4/F, 90-94
Miss Chan Yau Lai, Cary, 10/F, 96-99
Mr. Fung Si Luen, Darryl, 6/F, 97-2000
Mr. Lee Chun Chiu, 4/F, 99-2002
Miss Au Ying Mei, June 9/F, 2000-2003

Student Rep.: Miss Leung Wing Luen, Vivian, 10/F

The following are the Year Plan for 2003-2004:-
July 03 – Website Phase I, GIG Training Course
Aug 03 – Mass Recruitment Drive
Sep 03 – Website Phase II, Dinner Talk
Oct 03 – Mentorship Program, Motor Orienteering
Dec 03 – Website Phase III, Reunion for the 90’s
Jan 04 – Hiking
Mar 04 – Reunion for the 80’s
Jun 04 – Graduate Reception, Summer Internship for 2nd year St. Johnians
Jul 04 – Cruise, AGM

The new cabinet would like to take this opportunity to solicit the alumni’s support for the coming year. Your participation in our events and functions will be highly encouraged and appreciated.