Launch of Career Plus Program

Career Plus – One on one advice on resume writing and interview skills for current students

In view of the increasing number of requests we have received from our St. Johnian current students for advice on their resumes and interview skills, from now until end of May 2010, the SJCAA executive committee will help students who come to us for advice find suitable advisers among our alumni community.


If you would like find an alumni who maybe able to help you with your CV, you should send the following documents to Joyce Tung at, the SA Alumni secretary: –

1. Your CV
2. A sample of your application letter
3. A brief description of the kind of work, position and companies you are planning to apply to
4. Any information about yourself that you think would help us find you a suitable adviser.


You don’t need to do anything at this stage. From now until end of May 2010, you may hear from us when we receive a request from a student looking to build a career in your field.

When we (one of the program directors below) call you, hopefully you will be available to help our new graduates by giving them your comments on their CV, answer any question they may have on job searching and career planning, have a chat over the telephone or a cup of coffee. Your counsel will be most useful for the stage of their life now.

Thank you for your attention.

Program Directors – James Wong Man Tai, Nixon Lee and Vincent Chiu, Lee Huen Yee, Joyce Tung.