Launching of Web Site Phase II

All the current members of SJCAA will receive a message from SJCAA for your password and login ID for this new web site.

Once you get the details, please login this web site to correct your personal information and to change your password immediately.

In this phase you should be able to do the following things:
1. Always update your personal information including your email address and password;
2. Obtain different news related to St. John’s and SJCAA in the news section;
3. Access to the coming events and functions organised by SJCAA;
4. You could renew your membership through your internet banking, ATM or direct deposit; and let us know your payment history through this web site. Your membership status will be updated within 2 working days after your submission.

In phase II which is planned to be launched by September this year, there will be more interactive functions.

These new features will include: Community building (e.g. different Aquila teams, floor segments…), People Search, Email Campaign, Discussion Forum.

Phase III should be even more exciting but is still on the drawing board. Your feedback would be much welcome and encouraged to allow us to co-create the phase III.

SJCAA Membership/Website subcommittee – Nixon Lee, Vincent Chiu