Alumni Basketball Competition:NW 30th Anniversary

After almost 3 hours of keen competition among the six teams of Alumni from the New Wing and the Old Wing, the champion finally went to the Old Wing.

There were around 80 Alumni and their family came back for the event.

The competition started with the New Wing 80’s vs Old Wing 80’s. Most of the Alumni of the New Wing came from 1/F whereas those of the Old Wing were from Sixth Floor. So it was actually 1/F vs 6/F match! The match was initially led by the Old Wing but then the New Wing 80’s after warming up quickly conquered the game and finally won the match.

Then the following game among 80’s, 90′ and 00’s were also very close fights. At the end of the 8 matches, both Wings tied with each other.

Finally the game was played by New Wing 80’s vs Old Wing 90’s. And the winner was the Old Wing 90’s. This gave the Old Wing the overall champion for the ABC.

Five members of each team of the winning Wing got a nice T-shirt sponsored by one of our Alumni. In addition, they were also entitled to get into the final round of competition to fight for the $1000 cash.

Each team from the Old Wing would shoot from the ‘3’ point zone for five shootings. Finally, the New Wing 90’s had made 2 out of 5 throws and got the $1000 cash.

We all had a good time and congratulation to the Old Wing for the championship.


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