Aquila Hockey Club Annual General Meeting 2003

Date : 13th July, 2003 (Sunday)
Time : 1900
Venue : Queen

The new Executive Committee of the Club has been elected in the Annual General Meeting.

Members of the EXCO:

Chairman : Amos Wong
Convenor : Ng Wai Ming (6/F)
Treasurer : Arthur Hung
Aquila A Team Captain : Kong Yu Sing (1/F)
Aquila B Team Captain : Kan Chi Hung, Ivan (1/F)
Aquila C Team Captains : Chan Ming Kit, Henry (4/F)
Wong Yu Hin (6/F)
Aquila C Managers : Chan Wai Lun, Alan (1/F)
Liu Tai Yum, Tommy(5/F)

In the AGM, the team captains reported that team A was in the 3rd place in Division 3 and team B was in the 4th place in Division 5.
And we will have one more team this year, and will participate in the Division 5 league match. This new team will be comprised of the current students of St. John

SJCAA is going to put all the Aquila teams into separate segmentation sections into this web site. It will be available in September 2003.

For the time being, please visit the following site for more details about the Hockey Aquila:

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