Summer Internship for Students

With the downturn in economy, we expect our current St. Johnians will be having a great deal of difficulties of getting a meaningful summer job this year.

Like the previous 5 years, SJCAA would like to organise the summer internship program for our students in St. John’s College so that they could have a chance to work on the particular profession and experience the working environment of that particular profession.

A total of about 50 students have enrolled for the program and now we are urgently soliciting the following jobs:

Accounting – 8
Banking/Finance/Insurance – 7
Education – 1
Engineering – 1
Hotel/Travel – 1
Legal – 7
Logistic – 1
Management – 1
Media – 1
Social Work -1
Government – 6

The duration of the Internship will be around 2 months from 1 June to 31 July 2009. SJCAA will cover the insurance of the students while they work in your company as they might not be considered as a full-time staff.

We encourage some allowances be given to the students but more important still, good working experience and a reference letter will be even more previously counted.

I look for your support on this meaningful program again this year. If you can help, please fill in the attachment and send an email to our Alumni Secretary: Ms. Agnes Khan ( or call her at 9191 1990 before 20 May 2009.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your favourable reply.

St. John’s College Alumni Association
Summer Internship Career Development Program
Job Specification Form

Contact Person

Company Name:
Nature of Business:

Work Address:

Alumnus Name: ________________________ Signature: ________________________ Date: __________

Discipline __________________________ Position _______________________________
No. of Vacant _____ Proposed Commencement Period From__________ to __________
Working hours ______________________________________________________________
Working Days in a Week _____________________ Allowance ______________________



1. SJCAA will provide the personal accident insurance coverage for the students provided that the work undertaking will be in HK and in-door at proper office space.
2. SJCAA will not provide third party liability insurance coverage for the students in case some liabilities incurred by the students to the Companies or their customers.

Please send this form to, no later than May 20, 2009