Mentorship for Young Graduates 2008-2009

-Exclusively for young St. John’s graduate

We are cordially inviting you to join “Mentorship 2008-09: For the Young Graduates”, which will be launched in December 2008. The programme aims at coaching young graduates in their career path development, helping the graduates building up Social and Alumni network and nurturing future leaders of St. John’s.

The programme is beneficial to pairs both mentors and mentees on one-on-one basis*. It lasts for one year, starting from Nov 2008 to Oct 2009. ALL Alumni are welcome to join.

We are now recruiting 2004-08 graduates to be the mentees and 2003 graduate or before be the mentors in this valuable programme.

Mentee registration deadline: 10th November, 2008
(Graduated between 2004 to 2008)

Mentor registration deadline: 15th November, 2008
(Graduated in 2003 or before)

LAUNCHING CEREMONY: Friday 5th December, 2008
Venue: St. John’s College Dining Hall
Time: 8:00pm Cocktail, 8:30pm
Opening Ceremony
Fee: $120 for Mentee. Free for
Mentor (Buffet Dinner)
Remark: R.S.V.P. (Please indicate your
availability on registration form)

Tips / Expectation on Mentor and Mentee
We hope that the programme can flourish to be a life-long friendship between Mentors and Mentees. In order to develop a successful relationship, it requires RESPECT, SUPPORT and SHARING in this two-way communication. Each participant should try to understand and take care of the feeling of each other. Everyone should have the initiative to upkeep a good relationship and be committed to your Mentor/Mentee.

*Suggested frequency of gathering: once per month. Gatherings can be in the format of
o Mentor’s office and home visit, lunch, tea or dinner;
o Joint group activities can also be organized if possible
o Functions organized by SJCAA throughout the year, the schedule will
be announced shortly, please visit our website for update.

For Mentors:
We hope that our senior alumni can contribute to St John’s by bringing up young graduates and pass on the fine virtues of the St John’s spirit.

For Mentees:
The programme is beneficial to your personal growth and helps you to better plan for your career development, we expect that the you take more initiative to build up the relationship with experienced alumni throughout the year.

All mentors or mentees must be a FULL MEMBER of SJCAA. If you are not yet registered, please visit our website at for further details. Please also fill in the corresponding form in the attached file and email to Stephanie Lam at If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie at 6411 9989. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

*Successfully matched pairs will be announced on SJCAA website 1 week prior to Opening Ceremony.