Farewell High Table for Rev Paul Tong

Near 100 Alumni came back to the College to attend the Farewell High Table for Rev Paul Tong before his retirement this year.

The evening started with the sherry session at the Senior Common Room and then following by the High Table Dinner.

The highlights of the nite was the sharing session at the Senior Common Room where Rev Tong made his “High Table Talk” by standing up for the first time.

Rev Tong was especially delighted to have Dr. York Chow and Dr. Yeung Sum joining the Dinner. In addition Dr. Rayson Hwang also represented the College to present a portrait of Rev Tong in front of St. John’s to him.

Rev Tong said, “Passion and Compassion are the two most important things we need to learn in our life in order to be successful…”

There were many highlights of the evening and one of those was that the Alumni Association had prepared a brand new golf set for the Master Retirement. The golf bag was marked with V-I-V-A Viva St. John’s. Then the clubs covered with stitched with the floor names of St. John’s, the Third Wing and SJCAA on them. We do hope the Master will have more time to enjoy golf after his retirement and be the new blood for the Golf Malayan Cup!

The evening was ended with a College Song and three cheers for Rev Tong.

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