SJCAA Tied with Ricci Alumni in Malayan Golf

After near five hours of keen competition, the twelve teams from St. John’s (each with two St. John’s Alumni)finally tied with the twelve teams from Ricci Alumni.

This was the fifth year of the Golf Malayan Cup between St. John’s Alumni and Ricci Alumni. It now becomes an annual event held between the Alumni of the two hostels. In the past 3 years, St. John’s lost to Ricci due to the strong players from Ricci. From last year onward, instead of teaming up the players by ladder according to their handicap index, we now put all the 48 players into three categories according to their reported handicap. Then within the three groups, players from two halls were randomly teamed up 2×2 to form a flight. Then scores were given to the team if anyone of their players gets the best score out the each hole. So there were in fact 4 teams in Category A, B and C resp.

A 3 point system was also designed for the match ie. one point for every 9 hole win, and 1 point for overall 18-hole win. And 1/2 point will be given to each team if tied for each 9 hole or 18 hole.

At the end, Ricci Hall led St. John’s by 3 points in Category A (after 4 teams), then after 4 more teams in Category B, St. John’s unexpectedly led Ricci by 2 points, then followed by Category C, St. John’s led Ricci upto the 2nd last team by 3. But then St. John’s lost in the last team by 3 to Ricci.

Thus the overall result was a TIE- both Halls scored 18 points from each other. First in the history of our Golf Malayan Cup, St. John’s tied with Ricci!

Congratulation to our golf team and V-I-V-A VIVA St. John’s. We hope we could do better next year and capture the championship.

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