4/F Brothers Won 2007 SJCAA Golf Day

A total of 49 Alumni participated in the 7th SJCAA Golf Day held on 16 November 2007 at the Firestone Golf Club in Shenzhen (深圳光明高爾夫球會). We were very pleased this year to have many St. Johnians who joined this golf event for the first time. Thanks for the sponsorship from various alumni to provide concession fees for those first time players.

After almost 4.5 hours of keen competition, the best 4 players went to the brothers of the 4/F – Albert Chan, Lau Fei Lung, Cheung Yuk Tong, Kelvin Luk

There were 4 men won the closest to the pin at various holes: Lau Fei Lung, Lau Wai Man, Carven Tsang, Edmond Wu. Jacky Cheng won the ladies’ longest drive. For men, the longest drive at various holes went to William Tsao, Lee Ching Man, and Carven Tsang.

The best pair went again to 4/F Lau Fei Lung and Cheung Yuk Tong. For men’s best gross, it went to Law Wai Man. For men’s best net, it went to Tommy Ng and the first runner-up went to Lau Fei Lung.

Once again, congratulation to 4/F brothers who captured the SJCAA Golf Champion for 4 consecutive years.

After the competiion, our alumni enjoyed a very delicious buffet dinner at the club and most of them received lucky draw prizes after the award presentation.

Last but not least, we like to thank all the people participated in organising this event. They include the members of the SJCAA Golf Interest Group (GIG) – Edmond Wu, Albert Chan, Karlos Fung, Philip Li, Lau Fei Lung. We also like to thank our sponsors: Credit Suisse – Karen Kam, SJCAA, Vincent Chiu, Albert Chan, Philip Li, Lau Fei Lung, Cheung Yuk Tong, Edmon Wu and “YES”.

See you next year!

PS please also visit our forum section for more photos of the event.