Last Alumni High Table Hosted by Rev Tong

Nearly 80 Alumni returned to the College to attend the last Alumni Reunion High Table hosted by Rev Paul Tong.

There was no guest speaker in the evening except Rev Tong who was sharing with the Alumni and the current students about his 35 years of experience as the Master of the College.

Rev Tong mentioned about how he became the Master of the College since he was 35 years old and how he handled the financial difficulties of the College in different eras.

Towards nine o’clock, one current students from the Third Wing made a comment of what he has explained to his friend about the Hall fee. He said to his friend, “…although I need to pay HK4800 per month for the hall fee, the values I could get from staying in the College are much more than I pay.” His speech got a big applause from the participants and that also ended the night of sharing with the Master Rev Tong.

PS: the picture at the bottom left is the torch of Intervasity Game for HKU player to carry during the opening ceremony – a collection of Dr. Vivian Wong who showed us when she got it back from the student after displaying in the TIG event.