Mai Po Shrimp Party

This year, the Mai Po Shrimp party was joined only by a small group of St. Johnians with their friends and relatives.

We started at the evening around 6:00 pm. After a half an hour of walk, we finally arrived at the Gei Wei where the shrimps were kept inside.

Because of the tidal change during the evening, the water from the Gei Wei started to flow out of the gei wei into the Shenzhen River. We then put a net at the exit of the gei wei so that the shrimps were caught inside the net as the water drained away from the gei wei.

More than 40 pounds of shrimp were caught within half an hour and we then start to put them into big bowl of boiling water to prepare our delicious “pak cheuk” gei wei shrimp.

12 of us finished more than 20 pounds of shrimp and then we headed towards a simple dinner at the restaurant nearby to finish our evening.