Tung Ping Chau Boat Trip

Forty-six Alumni with their friends and family members participated in the Alumni September boat trip to visit three beautiful islands in the Eastern part of HK – Ap Chau, Kat O and Ting Ping Chau.

Part of the us stared at 8:30 am from Kowloon Hotel. The coach took them to the Ma Liu Shui ferry pier where we were joined by 10 other alumni.

We sailed towards north-east along Tolo Harbour and sailed past Plover Cove Reservoir. After passing the very peaceful Yan-tong inner sea, we arrived firstly at the Ap Chau.

Ap Chau is a long and flat island. At one end, there is a hole near the tip which looks like the eye of a duck with part of its body and the head underneath the water.

Some of the young family members were also surprised to see a very primitive toilet built along the seaside.

After Ap Chau, we sailed to another much bigger island Kat O to have lunch. After lunch, we followed the guide who took us to a Tin Hau Temple. In front of the temple, there is a big tree with its root still growing above the ground after part of the trunk got corroded. This tree becomes a good spot for taking group or family photo.

After Kat O, we sailed for another hour and finaly arrived at our most anticipated destination – Tung Ping Chau. The island is not too big, but the rock is made up of sedimentary rock – the shale. Layers and layers of rock tilted along the seaside provide a lot of very interesting and wonderful landmark. The most spectacular ones are the two “Forts” standing out from the layers and layers of shale. People could also easily climb up to these two “forts” and took picture.

At around 4 pm, we started sailing back to Ma Liu Shui and finished this spectacular boat trip to the three islands.

There are more pictures and videos put in the forum section, pleaes visit the forum section and take a look.