1st SJCAA Interfloor FIFA Gaming Competition

1st SJCAA Inter-floor FIFA Gaming Competition

We are very pleased to announce that our 1st SJCAA Inter-floor FIFA Gaming Competition is now accepting enrolment from both Alumni and current St. Johnians. St. Johnians love sports. So let us continue with our good tradition ONLINE at the time of fighting COVID 19 together!

After the initial “draw”, the players will carry out their initial elimination games online individually. The detailed schedule will be published once all the players are finalized. Individual games need to be completed by the players within 4 days after the notification from AA. The players are flexible to work out individually the gaming time with their competitors as per the rules listed below.

We will also live broadcast both semi-finals and the final champ-fight in our Alumni Facebook page!

Champion will win a new version of FIFA 2021 gaming license plus One Thousand HK dollars ABC Coupon*. The 1st-runner up will also get a FIFA 2021 gaming license plus Two Hundred HK dollars ABC Coupon.

Deadline for enrolment: 31 March 2021 (midnight)

Rules of the competition#
• PS4/PS5 are to used;
• FIFA 2020/2021 are the preferable version for competition;
• Competition time will be at night from 8 to 10 pm;
• One FIFA game – about 12 min (two x 6 min per half) will be played;
• If still draw after 12 min., an extra time of 5 min will be played; then penalty shootout if still draw after the extra time;
• Preferably play in between floors first before advancing.

# SJCAA reserves the final right of decision regarding the awards and the rules of the competition
*Cash coupons will be issued by SJCAA, these coupons will be able to used in any of the shops in SJCAA – ABC companies (Please visit the Aquila Business Communitas SJCAA HKU page for more information about the shops run by our alumni)

Please click on link below now to enrol:-

Have a nice gaming with your fellow St. Johnians! And hope see you in the final …. Online!