Golf Beginner Course 2007 Kick-off

A total of 14 St. Johnians joined the Golf Beginners’ Course 2007. There are in fact eight brothers and six sisters basically from the 2000’s.

In order to let the “students” understand more the game, we held an one hour Orientation session at the St. John’s common room on 22 Aug.

Most of the participants have very little or no experience of playing golf and they were very interested when our coach Mr. Edmund Wu explained to them some of the basic rules of the golf.

To capture how our fresh golfer started their first golf journey and become addicted to this game, we will post their learning journey in our forum section.

For those who are keen to know how each of them will be doing during these 4 week course, please visit our forum(under 2007 Golf Beginners’ Course of the
Current Events Section), between now and mid of September.