Meeting with EXCO’s and Floor Rep’s

Seven Directors of SJCAA – Vincent Chiu, James Wong, Nixon Lee, June Au, Derek Leung, Stephanie Lam and Siew Fung Qi had a open and frankly discussion with the current SA Exco’s and the Floor Representatives from the ten floors in St. John’s at 12 June 2007.

Our Directors had shared the Alumni “Blue Ocean Strategy” with the students and on the other hand, the students had also provided their feedback to SJCAA as how they could help the Alumni to promote our activities.

The meeting ended with a quick workshop with results as below:-

What can SJCAA expect from me? (answered by the students)
1. share database of recent years
2. promote AA to fresh grads
3. interaction through sports competitions
4. share floor activities (feedback) with AA
5. volunteer for AA activities
6. join AA activities
7. foster the relationship with alumni of each floor
8. share latest news of St. John’s with alumni
9. try to increase alumni involvement in our activities (e.g. Open Day)

What do we expect from St. Johnians? (answered by SJCAA Directors)
1. Inform thru Janice and update floor alumni function
2. Be a SJCAA Member
3. Use SJCAA forum to update floor function
4. Tell us frankly your needs
5. Floor alumni sec take a more proactive role to promote AA regularly
6. Respond emails