Result of Golf Malayan Cup

Golf Malayan Cup 2007 (SJC Vs Ricci)

1) Event Date
– Mar 28, 2007 (Wed)

2) Venue
– Harbour Plaza Golf Club Dongguan (東莞海逸高爾夫球會)

3) No. of Participants
– Each hall 12 teams @ 2 players i.e. total 48 participants (males)

4) Highlights
– The Golf Malayan Cup has been held between Ricci Hall and St. John’s College for four consecutive years.
– It’s a function of fun and reunion.
– Each side shall form 12 teams of 24 players (2 players for each team) to participate in the competition
– Format of each match is Four-Ball Match Play – a match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of the other two players.
– There were two major changes in this year’s competition format:
1) In the past, players of both sides were matched as per the ladders ranked by their respective handicap indexes. Under such format, the opponents (especially for the top ranked “seeds”) were somehow “expected”, and so were the results. This year, each side ranked their players into 3 groups according to their handicap indexes. Within each group, each side was free to pair up their players and free to arrange the playing order. Advantages: I) “friends” within the same group could be arranged to play in the same team, that might generate unexpected chemistry; ii) the opponents might be, to certain extend, “new faces” and a “surprise” to the other side.
2) A 3-point system was adopted this year. In short, the results of front nine holes, back nine holes and overall 18 holes were all be count. Each team therefore needed to play hard for each and every hole till end of the game. Player got excited in this format and there were 4 matches with results determined by the last hole. Among them, one was even ?certified? only by the last putt.

5) Final Results
– Ricci Hall won by 20.5 Vs SJC 15.5

6) New Bloods
– It was glad to see that there were not only matured faces of graduates of the 60s’, 70s’ and 80s’, but also “young” ones of the 90s’.

Report by Karlos Fung – Captain of SJCAA Golf Team 2007