Launch of Mentorship for Young Graduates

News No. 2 – Mentorship 2007 – Enrollment Updates

This year, our mentorship program CHANGES from focusing in the undergraduates to focusing on helping our YOUNG GRADUATES with their career.

We are glad to let you know the enrollment result of the “Mentorship for the Young Graduates” is very good among the graduates from 2003 to 2007. We received over 70 enrollments for Mentees, who are looking for an experienced St. Johnian in the same career to get more insight for their future and also want to learn from their success.

We have already received some Mentors’ enrollment, and we NEED MORE Mentors from different fields to make the program successful.

We need you to be our mentors if you graduated before 2003 and belong to one of the following professions:-

– Lawyer 7 (1-solicitor corporate, 1-barrister criminal, 1- commercial, 1- solicitor intellectual property)
– Doctor 5 (1-anaesthesiology, 1-cardiology, 1-Ophthalmologist)
– Government 5 (2-Law enforcement, 2-Education)
– Auditing 4 (2-banking related, 1-partner)
– Investment Banking 6 (Equity Analyst/ Fund Managing/ private banking)
– Banking 11 (2-business analysis,1-corporate finance, 1- insurance, 1- corporate marketing, 1-relationship manager)
– Business consultancy 2 (2-business, 1-sports related)
– Building / construction / Architecture 3 (1-surveying, 1-electrical engineering, 1- Architecture)
– Aviation 2 (1-logistics, 1-Pilot)
– Advertising 2
– Public Relations 4
– Marketing 3
– Media 1
– Publishing 1
– Education 1
– Hotel 1
– IT 1
– Mentors from any fields 15

We are cordially inviting you to join as a MENTOR, who is willing to coach young graduates in their career path development, helping them in building up Social and Alumni network and nurturing future leaders of St. John’s.

The program will be launched in 11th June 2007 and lasts for one year, after the Mentor recruitment in May 2007, we will notify you the information of your Mentee and provide you more details about the opening in 11th June 2007.

Please just send an email to June Au at and cc Stephanie Lam at

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.