Alumni High Table Talk – Prof Wang Shu-chun

More than 80 alumni and students attended the High Table Talk organized by the SJCAA and St. John’s College on 23 April. The speaker was Professor Wang Shu-chun from the School of the Communist Party in Harbin, China. Prof. Wang spoke very openly and was able to share his personal insight of the development of the political thinking of the China Communist Party for all the audience during the Talk.

Some of the very sensitive questions like “Should the party remains its title as Communisat Party?” or ” Will China open for multi-party politics?”…etc were discussed openly among the audience and Prof Wang.

This was really a rare ocassion where St. Johnians had a good opportunity to understand more about the trend of the Communist Party in China.

Venue: St. John’s College
Speaker: 王樹春教授
Topic: 中國未來的政治和經濟發展方向及改變


Acknowledgement – all photos were taken by Ms. Michele Lau (our Alumnus)