Launch of Mentorship for Young Graduate

About 80 St. Johnian Alumni gathered at the Dining Hall on Monday, 11 June to kick off the Mentorship Program – Meet your future.

We had the honour of Rev Paul Tong and our President Dr. Vivian Wong to deliver us a speech during the ceremony.

After a delicious buffet dinner, the mentors and the mentees were divided into 7 groups by industry to share among themselves more about their career and the view on the industry.

Also as part of the program, each pair of mentor-mentee could use their hands to create a wax sculture by themselves as a very special and unique sovenior for this evening.

The mentees and the mentors are encourage to have a contact with each other once every month. And we wish the program this year with the new format and combination a great success.

Of course, this will really depends on the initiative from both sides.


Summary of “matched” mentors – business field (mentees – year of grad.) so far as shown below:-

Albert Tsang – Legal ( Isabella Liu – 2006)
Albert Wong – Accounting (Kong Shao Fung, James – 2007)
Angela To – Legal ( Bridgette Bang – 2007)
Angela Wong – Education ( Diane Lo – 2004)
Angela Ying – Insurance (Mok Cheuk Fai – 2007)
Anthony Tung – Banking (Jacky Wong – 2007)
Antonio Cheung – IT ( Fiona Au – 2007)
Barry Sum – PR ( Adele Lok – 2003)
Ben Cheng – Property ( James Lam – 2004)
Betty Ho – Medical Doctor (Jie Liu – 2004)
Carmen Au -Consultancy (Yeung Cheuk Fung -2007)
Chan Wai Lun – Insurance (Kenny Wong – 2005)
Choi Chiu Wah – Engineering (Alex Au Yeung -2003)
Cindy Kwan – Property (Teresa Wan – 2005)
Copper – Finance (Lam Chun Yiu – 2005)
Eddy Chao – Banking (Chan Pui Chi Joyce – 2005)
Edman Chan – Film post-production (Vienna Fong – 2006)
Edward Li – Urban planning (Lee Kwok Hei -2005)
Eric Chung – Auditing (Roy Chiu – 2007)
Gary Chan – Logistics (Norman Wong -2005)
Gary Mak – Medical Doctor (Kelvin Ng -2006)
Heinze Yim – Insurance (Leonie Lee-2006)
Ip Chun Man – Architecture (Jenny Lau-2007)
Jack Yeung – Dentisry (Kan Chung Ming-2007)
Jacky Wong – Auditing (Fan Yui Chi 2007)
James Ho – IT (Franklin Heng -2007)
James Wong – Insurance (Ng Gene Bond – 2007)
Jean Chan – Banking (Mak King Chi Jimmy-2005)
Joanna Wong – PR (Cynthia Fan -2007)
Johnny Lau – Banking (Leung Lap Kok-2006)
Joyce Lui – Marketing (Jan Ng -2004)
Kenneth Ng – Medical Doctor (Jonathan Yuen -2007)
Kevin Poon- Legal (Tsang Lok Sze Joyce-2006)
Lee Huen Yee – PR(Candice Shum – 2005)
Lee Koon Lam – Fashion & Textile(Iris Au-2005)
Mabel Leung – Publishing (Lo Yue Ching Eugenia-2003)
Margaret Szeto – Finance (Cheung Nga Kwan Rick-2005)
Micheal Yip – Law Enforcement (Alvina Ho -2003)
Michelle Chan – Banking (Choi Chun Ning – 2007)
Michelle Lau – Insurance (Leung Ka Shing – 2006)
Nixon Lee – Finance (Lee Ning San – 2007)
Olivia Tsang – Legal (Ho Kwok Ting Barbie-2007)
Paul Lee – Advertising (Irene Leung – 2006)
Philip Lau – Finance (Tse Hoi Shing Jeffrey-2004)
Poon Kwong Hung – Legal (Joyce Tsang -2006)
Rainbow Tsang – Aviation (Benard Yuen -2007)
Rayne Chai – Legal (Xuanwei Wang -2007)
Ronald Lee – Finance (Chan Wing Chi-2006)
Sharon Tsang – Advertising / PR (Karen Law-2006)
Sherlynn Chan – Legal (Draco Ng – 2007)
Steve Cheung – Medical Doctor (Joyce Chan -2006)
Szeto Yat Kong – Banking (Caric Tam -2006)
Teddy Ip – Finance (Chun Wai Kiu, Ray-2004)
Temmy Chan – Legal (Wong Chun Hin Derek-2004)
Terence Chan – Finance (Jess Liem-2005)
Terence Chan – Finance (Ting Chi Ho David-2007)
Terence Tung – Marketing (So Ching Man – 2005)
Tony Chan – Architecture (Myra Tam -2004)
Too Wing – Architecture (Claudia Chan – 2007)
Vicky Li – Legal (Winfield Lau – 2007)
Vincent Chiu – IT (Flora Leung -2004)
Vivian Wong – Medical Doctor (Simon Chu-2005)
Winnie Yam – Medical Doctor (Karen Lee – 2007)
Yvonne Shum -Education (Tse Hok Ting – 2004)

We are cordially inviting you to join “Mentorship 2007-08: For the Young Graduates”, which will be launched in June 2007. The programme aims at coaching young graduates in their career path development, helping the graduates building up Social and Alumni network and nurturing future leaders of St. John’s.

The programme is beneficial to 100 pairs of mentors and mentees on one-on-one basis. It lasts for one year, starting from June 2007 to June 2008. ALL Alumni are welcome to join. We are now recruiting 2003-07 graduates to be the mentees and 2002 graduate or before be the mentors in this valuable programme.

Mentee registration deadline: 10th April, 2007
(Graduated between 2003 to 2007)

Mentor registration deadline: 15th May, 2007
(Graduated in 2002 or before)


Tips / Expectation on Mentor and Mentee
We hope that the programme can flourish to be a life-long friendship between Mentors and Mentees. In order to develop a successful relationship, it requires RESPECT, support and sharing in this two-way communication.

Each participant should try to understand and take care of the feeling of each other. Everyone should have the initiative to upkeep a good relationship and be committed to your Mentor / Mentee.

*Suggested frequency of gathering: once per month. Gatherings can be in the format of

Mentor’s office and home visit, lunch, tea or dinner;
Joint group activities can also be organized if possible
Functions organized by SJCAA throughout the year, the schedule will be announced shortly, please visit our website for update.

For Mentors:
We hope that our senior alumni can contribute to St John’s by bringing up young graduates and pass on the fine virtues of the St John’s spirit.

For Mentees:
The programme is beneficial to your personal growth and helps you to better plan for your career development, we expect that the you take more initiative to build up the relationship with experienced alumni throughout the year.

All mentors or mentees must be a FULL MEMBER of SJCAA. If you are not yet registered, please visit our website at for further details. Please also fill in the corresponding form in the Excel files on the left hand side and email to the June Au at or Stephanie Lam at If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.