Round-the-Island 2007 (Sat-Sun 14-15 April)

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to invite you to join our Round-the-Island 2007. Round-the-Island is an
annual event held by St. John’s College, the University of Hong Kong. Participants of the
event would embark on an approximately 38km run around the Hong Kong Island.

It would be our great pleasure to have you as participant for the event. A special
invitation marathon is organized this year for alumni to join in a team of 4-5 people
also. You can freely assign different team members run along 11 checkpoints.

The details of Round-the-Island Marathon 2007 are as follows:

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 14-15 April 2007
Opening Ceremony: 14 April, 2007 11:30pm at Dining Hall
Running Time: 15 April, 2007 02:00 – 08:00 (it takes 4-6 hours to finish the run on
Starting / Finishing Point: St. John’s College, 82 Pokfulam Road
1. Causeway bay 銅鑼灣Sogo
2. Chai Wan柴灣長命斜底
3. Chai Wan柴灣長命斜頂
4. Shek O石澳迴旋處
5. Tai Tam大潭公廁
6. Stanley Bay赤柱迴旋處
7. Repulse Bay淺水灣
8. Deep Water Bay深水灣香島道
9. Ocean Park海洋公園管理處
10. Aberdeen香港仔網球及壁球中心
11. Pokfulam fire Station華富消防總局

Certificates will be presented to Participants, and awards would be presented to the
champion teams for men and women.

If you wish to support our event, you are most welcome to contact Ms Cathy Chan at
91222198 or email via

Please do not hesitate to join our event. It would be both fun and meaningful. Attached
please find the application form for the marathon. Please kindly return it to office of
St. John’s College by mail or by fax at 2817 5624 on or before 31 March, 2007.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Jonathan Mok Cheuk Fai
RTI Organizing Committee 07′

 活動目的

 參加資格
1. 聖約翰學院各宿生及校友
2. 各舍堂宿生 (每間舍堂名額四個)

 活動詳情
日期:2007 年4 月 14-15日(星期六、日)
時間:晚上11 時30分至翌日早上八時(正式開跑時間為午夜兩時,完成時間一般約需四至六小時)

 獎項
莊民組 : 男女子組冠軍
舊人組 : 1) 個人賽 : 男女子組冠軍獎狀
2) 接力賽 : 冠軍獎狀
公開組 : 男女子組冠軍獎狀

 個人賽報名辦法及費用

參加者請將填妥的報名表格於2007年3月31 日前遞交至聖約翰學院,而行政費用請於2007年4 月14 日 前或活動當日遞交。因名額有限,籌委將以先到先得形式處理報名事宜。

 主辦機構

Cathy Chan 91222198

 Event Objective
Through the marathon, St. John’s College is going to gather a group to create a power. A total of 200 participants will create a force of power; running through a designated route of round trip from St. John’s College around Hong Kong Island on the day for approximately 38km.

 Entry Requirement
1. Current St. Johnians and alumni
2. Other hall representatives (Maximum 4 participants from each hall)

 Event Details
Date: Saturday & Sunday 14-15 April 2007
Time: 11:30pm – 08:00am (The starting time of the run is 2:00am and it takes 4-6 hours to finish the run on average). Starting / Finishing Point: St. John’s College, 82 Pokfulam Road

 Awards
Certificates will be presented to Participants.
The following awards will be presented to:
Current St Johnians Division : men’s and women?s Champion
Alumni Division :
1) Individual section : men’s and women’s Champion Certificate
2) Relay : Champion Certificate
Open Division : men’s and women’s Champion Certificate

 Individual section Enrollment Method & Charge
HK$70 administration fee would be charged for each participant. The fee would include a RTI special T-shirt, refreshment and drinks supplied in each check point and a breakfast in dinning hall.

Please Kindly complete and return the enrollment form to St. John’s College before 31 March 2007, and the administration fee must be delivered to us on or before the day of the run on April 14. Due to limited spaces available, we will process the application on a first come first served basis.

 Organizer
St. John’s College

 Enquiries
Cathy Chan 91222198




3)全程共十一個Check Point,可於任何Check Point換人
5)$ 200 per team

誠邀所有 “舊莊”、舊人的體育隊伍和任何舊人組織參加。有興趣的舊人可先行組隊,如有查詢可致電 91222198 聯絡Cathy Chan或電郵致

Check Points
1. 銅鑼灣Sogo
2. 柴灣長命斜底
3. 柴灣長命斜頂
4. 石澳迴旋處
5. 大潭公廁
6. 赤柱迴旋處
7. 淺水灣
8. 深水灣香島道
9. 海洋公園管理處
10. 香港仔網球及壁球中心
11. 華富消防總局

 本人將參加2007 年4 月14-15日﹝星期六及日﹞舉行的「香港大學聖約翰學院環島跑」。
Yes, I will participate in the “St. John’s College Round the Island Marathon 2007” to be held on Saturday & Sunday, 14-15 April 2007.

All participants must wear designated T-shirt for the event. Anyone who refuses to follow this regulation, the Organizing Committee has the authority to refuse the player to join the event.



聯絡電話 傳真號碼 電郵地址
Contact No. ______________________ Fax No. __________________ E-mail Address_________________________
隊名(或所屬團體例如 AQUILA HOCKEY)
Team Name (or representing organization e.g. Aquila Hockey) _______________________________________________

參加條件Conditions of Entry
參加者聲明及保證Disclaimer / Indemnity

I, the undersigned, wish to join the “St. John?s College Round the Island Marathon 2007”. I confirm and agree that I, and my companions shall comply to all relevant rules and regulations and other ad-hoc arrangements / decisions made by the Organizer, take part in this event entirely at my/our own risks and that I, and my companion will not hold the Organizer, or any sponsors/supporting organizations, responsible for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death or injury, or for any damage or loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the event. I also agree to indemnify or reimburse the Organizer in respect of any additional expenses or costs incurred by the Organizer arising from or in connection with my / our participation in the event.

____________________________ _________________________ _____________________
參加者姓名﹝請以正楷填寫﹞ 參加者簽署 日期
Name of Participant (In BLOCK letters) Signature of Participant Date

____________________________ _________________________ _____________________
參加者姓名﹝請以正楷填寫﹞ 參加者簽署 日期
Name of Participant (In BLOCK letters) Signature of Participant Date

____________________________ _________________________ _____________________
參加者姓名﹝請以正楷填寫﹞ 參加者簽署 日期
Name of Participant (In BLOCK letters) Signature of Participant Date

____________________________ _________________________ _____________________
參加者姓名﹝請以正楷填寫﹞ 參加者簽署 日期
Name of Participant (In BLOCK letters) Signature of Participant Date

____________________________ _________________________ _____________________
參加者姓名﹝請以正楷填寫﹞ 參加者簽署 日期
Name of Participant (In BLOCK letters) Signature of Participant Date

By signing this enrolment form, I duly agree and confirm the above conditions of entry.