New Exco 2003-2004

A new cabinet for SJCAA Executive Committee will be elected on 18th July 2003 in the AGM.

Members of the Exco’s:-

Chairman: Mr. Chiu Sung Tak, Vincent, 1/F, 83-87
Vice Chairman: Mr. Cheung Yue Pong, Joshua, 5/F, 65-70
Hon. Secretary: Miss Tsang Oi Kei, Olivia, 7/F, 96-99
Hon. Financial Secretary: Mr. Wong Hung Nam, Jacky, 1/F, 93-96

Director: Mr. Wong Man Tai, James, 5,4,2/F, 75-79
Director: Mr. Lee Hon Sum, Nixon, 6/F, 80-82
Director: Mr. Lee Tin Fan, Paul, 4/F, 90-94
Director: Miss Chan Yau Lai, Cary, 10/F, 97-99
Director: Mr. Fung Si Luen, Darryl, 6/F, 97-2000
Director: Mr. Lee Chun Chiu, 4/F, 99-2002
Director: Miss Au Ying Mei, June 9/F, 2000-2003

Student Rep.: Miss Leung Wing Luen, Vivian, 10/F

The year plan for 2003-3004 was formulating when the new cabinet was having their first planning meeting at St. John’s Hall Library on 9th July 2003.

The year plan could be downloaded by clicking on the left icon (big Powerpoint file which will take some times to download)