AGM and New Cabinet of SJCAA

The new cabinet for SJCAA was elected during the AGM this year on 30th March 2007.

Mr. Vincent Chiu will continue to be the Chairman of the Alumni Association with Vice Chairman Mr. Nixon Lee. Ms. June Au and Ms. Michelle Chan continue to be the Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary of the SJCAA. Five Directors remain the office – Mr. Paul Lee, Mr. James Wong, Dr. Steve Cheung, Ms. Vicky Li, Ms. Lee Huen Yee. There are however 4 new cabinet members joining the OC – Mr. Eddy Chao, Mr. Derek Leung, Ms. Stephanie Lam, and Ms. Siew Feng Qi. The new Student Representative Ms. Janice Tsang from 10/F has also started coordinating activities between SJCAA and the students.

In the coming few weeks, the new cabinet will decide the new year plan and circulate to everyone for reference.

Chairman Report 2006-2007
Year 2006-2007 was truly a colourful year for the Alumni

Besides the normal functions like Summer Internship, Golf events and Students’ Mentorship scheme, SJCAA has also taken part in organizing more events related to Chinese students in Hongkong and China projects. These events have no doubt brought St. John’s Alumni as well as St. Johnians more involvement in China.

Events Highlights

Mentorship Program
Kicked off in Nov 2005, the format of the mentorship program has changed to a “table of six” format. However, although the initial response from the students was quite good, it was found out later that the students were either too engaged in their current activities or not taking initiative to contact the mentors. A closing event was held on 30 July 2006 at the Whitehead Golf Driving range where about 20 mentors and mentees came along and had BBQ afterwards.

Summer Internship
About 15 students from St. John’s were successfully placed with internship in our Alumni’s companies in June / July 2006. The program has been organizing for 4 years and it has also been tailored to fit the special constraints of St. Johnians in regard to their summer activities.

Golf Activities
The Golf Beginners’ Course on 4 consecutive Fridays in July 2006 was held in the past Kai Tak Driving Range. The event was very well received by the Alumni. There were in total 30 alumni and their friends and even family members coming along. The St. John?s Golf day organized by the St. John’s Golf Interest Group was held successfully at the Sand River Golf Cup on 24 Nov 2006. There were more than 50 Alumni participated in this event and at the end, 4th Floor won the overall Floor Championship.

On 12 Nov 2006, SJCAA organized a dolphin sighting launch outing. The group gathered set sail from Tuen Mun and had seafood lunch at Tai O. It was very much well received and altogether there were 50 alumni coming to the event and many with their young ones. We were also very lucky to see a few white dolphins on the way to Tai O.

Global X
Global-X is a program jointly organized by the College, SJAAA and Student Association. It is a programme which allows students from HK, Mainland China and overseas to run a project together. Through the project, participants will learn from each other in different aspects, such as cultural, social, current affairs and political. Project X was kicked off in October 28, 2006 and around 29 students have enrolled in this Project. A visit to the Stock Exchange was also organized for the participants in November 2006.

Harbin Project
Two trips were made by some directors of SJCAA to Harbin to support the project organized primarily by the College and Rev. Paul Tong. Since 2002, with the Funding raised by Rev Paul Tong, 3 schools (Pic 2 – one of the new schools) have been built (HK$1.5M), 2 existing schools have been refurbished (HK$0.73M), new equipment have been provided to 4 other schools (HK$0.21M) plus scholarship (HK$0.3M) to assist poor students in Harbin has been granted. After the trips, with the good reports from the directors, a subsequent walkathon was held on 17 December 2006. A total of HKD100,000 was raised from this event and donated to the College for this project. The Walkathon was joined by some twenty St. Johnians. We started the walk from St. John’s College and found our way from the back of Old Wing up the hidden trial to Lung Fu Shan. This also brought back a lot of memories for the participants as some of them possibly had not done that walk for twenty years or more already.

Reunion High Table
On 13 November 2006, a reunion high table was jointly organized with the College. Mr. Thomas Tso Man-tai – Director, the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing was invited as the guest speaker. Over 80 alumni came back for High Table Dinner and the Talk afterwards.

Note of Thanks
On behalf of the SJCAA, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the directors 2005-2006 for their great job and effort spent in this year. Without their sacrificing of their leisure and family time for the Alumni Association, we could never achieve so much in last year. In addition, I would also like to thank our Hon Auditor Mr. Eric Chung, our Hon Legal Advisor Ms. Eliza Chang, our President Ms. Vivian Wong and also our Vice Presidents – Mr. Lawrence Fok, Mr. Frederick Ho, Mr. Justice Wally Yeung, Dr. Alfred Tam for their support throughout this year.

Last but not least, thanks to all the Alumni who have participated in the events and supported the Alumni activities this year.

Vincent Chiu
Chairman SJCAA 2006-2007

Annual General Meeting Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that St. John’s College Alumni Association, University of Hong Kong Limited will hold the Annual General Meeting, details of which are as follows:-

Date : 30th March 2007 (Friday)
Time : 7:00 pm – 8:00 Venue: HKU Alumni Association, Room 101, Yip Fung Building,
2 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Dinner: Optional (about HKD220 each, right after AGM at 8:00 pm)
(a) to receive and adopt a report from the Directors
(b) to receive and adopt a financial report from the Honorary Treasurer;
(c) to elect the Board of Directors for the coming year;
(d) to elect an Honorary Legal Adviser;
(e) to elect an Honorary Auditor;
(f) any other business

Pursuant to Article 51 of the Articles of Association, all members are eligible for nomination and election to become a Director. Please lodge a Notice in writing with the College Office to that effect signed by the member to be proposed and two (2) other members nominating the former on or before 23rd March 2007.

All members are invited to attend the AGM. A member who has the right to attend and vote is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote at the AGM on his behalf. A proxy needs not be a member of the Association. Any member who wishes to appoint a proxy please lodge with the College Office a signed Proxy Form (attached) at least 24 hours prior to the AGM.

Please confirm your attendance with the College Office by telephone or by fax (no.2817 5624) on or before 28th March 2007.

Vincent Chiu
8th March 2007

Reply Slip AGM 30 March 2007

I _______________________________ (Printed Name) of contact no. ________________ will be coming to the above AGM and will / will not attend the dinner afterwards.

Signed: _________________________ Date: ______________________


I, ___________________________________ (full name), of ____________ (contact no.) being a full member of the St. John?s College Alumni Association, hereby appoint _____________________________________ (full name) to be my proxy to vote in person for me and on behalf at the AGM of St. John?s College Alumni Association, University of Hong Kong Limited to be held at 7:00 p.m. on 30th March 2007, and at any adjournment thereof.
Signed: _________________________ Date:_____________________

Note : This proxy form must be duly completed and returned by hand, by mail or by fax (no. 2817 5624) to the College Office on or before 29th March 2007.

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