Golf Malayan Cup SJC vs Ricci (update)

Players of the Malayan Cup so far (as of 19 March 2007):-

Yeung Tak Keung
Chan Ken
Vincent Cheung
James Wong Yuk Loi
Yim Koon Shun Heinze
Vincent Chiu (leisure)
Law Chi Ming Norman
Tsang Kwok Ching
William Ho Tat Wang
William Tsao King Chung
Rocky Sun
Philip Li
Ben Cheng Wai Ho
Philip Lo
Albert Chan
Cheung Yuk Tong
Lau Fei Lung
Tang Kwok Hung
Luk Fuk Man (Leisure)
Edmund Wu Ka Po
Karlos Fung Ka Hou
Arthur Fan
Tommy Ng Hung Kwong
Ivan Laui Hoi Ming
Cleeve Chan
Jackson Pau


Dear St. Johnians,

Happy new year and wish you all have a good golf year in 2007!
The Golf Malayan Cup 2007 with Ricci Old Boys will be held on 28-03-2007 (Wed).
Please refer to details below.

Both competition players & leisure players are welcome.

Please reply by return this email to James Wong ( to indicate your interest or availability to participate in the event. (Remember to indicate your est. handicap if known)

You may also contact
Karlos Fung 97336850,
Philip Li 91950565,
Albert Chan 90739725,
Wu Ka Po 94640764 or
James Wong Yuk Loi 94081216 directly for enrollment.

James Wong YL

Golf Malayan Cup 2007 (SJC Vs Ricci)

1) Event Date
– Mar 28, 2007 (Wed)

2) Venue
– Harbour Plaza Golf Club (Dongguan)

3) T-time
-Prefer Shotgun Start
-Prefer T-time around 11:00am

4) Target no. of participants
-Each hall 12 teams @ 2 players i.e. total 48 participants (males)

5) Modification of Rules and Format
a) Pairing
-Players of each side will be ranked A, B, C groups (@8 players) according to their handicap indexes -Players of both sides of corresponding group will be matched.
-Each side is free to assign the 8 players of the same group into 4 teams

b) 3-point System
-1 point for every 9-hole win
-1 point for overall 18-hole win
-1/2 point to each team if tied for each 9-hole and 18-hole -max 3 points for a team winning all front-9, back-9 and 18-hole.
-illustration 1: front 9 tied, back nine won by Hall A and overall 18 holes won by Hall A then Hall A – 2.5 points, Hall B – 0.5point -illustration 2: front 9 won by Hall A, back 9 won by Hall B and overall 18 holes won by Hall B then Hall A – 1point, Hall B – 2 points -it encourages a team to fight hard for every 1/2 or 1 point till end of game (currently, back 9 may mean nothing to a team which has already lost so many holes in front 9)

6) Prizes and Awards
-Malayan Cup to the winning hall
-2 x Nearest to Pin
-2 x Longest Drive
-1 x Most Birdies Team (1 Eagle = 2 Birdies) -$1,000 for Hole-in-One

7) Fees (to be confirmed later)
-around HK$1,200 for both tournament and leisure players, including T-shirts, dinner, game fees and transportation Hong Kong to and from golf club -Around HK$650 for players who are members of Harbour Plaza GC