Lung Fu Shan Walkathon

More than twenty St. John’s Alumni and their friends participated in the Lung Fu Shan Walkathon on Sunday, 17 December 2006.

We gathered at the St. John’s College Dining Hall at 9:30 am on that day. After a brief introduction of the Harbin Project by Nixon Lee and the group photo, the Walkathon officially started at 10:15 am.

As we were led by our experienced trailwalker – Eddy Chao, we took the more adventurous way – through the 5/F backyard and up the steep slope behind Old Wing. We climbed through the bushes and upto the “Stone Plates Trial”. Some alumni have not taken that path for more than 20 years and a lot of memories suddently came into their mind.

Within half an hour, we were at Lung Fu Shan already and went to the scenic spot to see the nice view from the western part of HK.

Kept on climbing for another half a hour, we then reached the “Fortress Hill” when there were some abandoned old fortress there.

Everyone was so happy as we finally got to the Peak after another 20 minutes walk and we all stopped at the illegal hawker spot to enjoy the “sweet crakers” and soft drinks.

Finally we were at the Peak Tower and headed back to central by taking the Peak Tram. The function was ended by a dim sum lunch in a restaurant at Admiralty.

So far this function has raised HKD100,000 for the Harbin project.