Walk Your Support – Lung Fu Shan Walkathon

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Dear St. Johnians,

Please join us for a meaningful walk up to Lung Fu Shan from St. John’s College on December 17, 2006 Sunday to raise funds for the College’s Hulan School Project in Harbin, China.

Project Background

Two SJCAA Directors, Nixon Lee and James Wong Man Tai, with another two alumni Angela Ying and Bunny Leung have paid two visits to Harbin respectively in May and July this year with Rev. Paul Tong to witness the achievements of the 5-Years School Project in Harbin (2002-2006).

In this Project, Rev. Tong has raised fund to build 3 new school campuses and to provide school equipment to another 4 schools in Hulan, a rural district in Harbin. Beside these, a number of sponsorships were also awarded to those needy school children.

In every summer in the past 5 years, the current St. Johnians flew there to provide voluntary services, such as refurbishing the playground and teaching English etc.

Fund Raising Objective

The final phase of the project includes building a St. John’s Culture Center in the University district in Harbin that will be self-financed after establishment. Right now, the aim is to raise HKD500K for it to complete the construction.

The Xue Wuan Story – Must seek her

Xue Wuan who impressed Rev. Tong by delivering a welcome speech representing the school several years ago. Like many other poor children, Xue Wuan lived in rural village and was a single-parent child (father has run away) and had no money to pay for her lower secondary school. As a result, Rev Tong had been granting her scholarship in these years so that she could go to school.

During this visit, Rev Tong could not locate this girl again at the school and he tried to go everywhere to find her. Rev Tong then mobilized his personal network in the local government and the education officers to seek Xuan Wuan. Just before we left Harbin, it was found that the girl’s house was burnt down in an accident and she had to stop her schooling and worked in a factory. Rev Tong was a bit relief and asked the girl to come to visit him. He also told the girl that attending school is very important even though she is poor. Xue Wuan was so touched and promised Rev Tong to continue the study, no matter how tough the economic environment will be.

Rev. Tong explained to Nixon Lee and James Wong, “Supporting a scholarship to a school child, like Xue Wuan, does not cost much, from our living standing point of view in Hong Kong. And I don’t want to see there is another drop out, especially those have chance to study further. Providing chance for education is the only way to help the poor in China. It might be the most meaningful project I have run for China before my retirement.”

The Fun
Enjoy the lovely December weather and the woods in Lung Fu Shan with fellow St. Johnians, your family and friends.

The Good
Money raised will fund the St. John’s Culture Centre, set up with the objective to provide stable and long term funds for the Hulan School Project* in Harbin.

*For more details about SJC charity work in Harbin, please check out www.sjcaa.org.hk and go to the news section and look for “Harbin Trip Report by Nixon Lee and James Wong”.

The Invite
The walk is fairly easy. The invitation is open to all St. Johnians and their family and friends. There is no entry fee.

The Plan
Gather at Dining Hall, St. John’s College at 9:30 a.m. on December 17, 2006
Follow the signs and the organizers up the hills – Lung Fu Shan to the Peak.
Tentatively arrive at the Peak at 12:30 noon and an optional dim sum lunch at the Peak Tower.

The Act
1. Enroll simply to send an email to Nixon Lee – nixonlee@wealthbridgeasia.com and put down – your name, year of graduation, floor, contact no. and the no. of people walking with you.

2. Download the sponsorship form from www.sjcaa.org.hk (under the Upcoming Events section).

3. Be at St. John’s College on time at 9:30 a.m. on December 17, 2006

It’s as simple as that!

The only one request is please raise at least $100 per person and of course the more the merrier!

The weather will be fine; the company will be fun… Act now for a good course! Join us!

Yours sincerely,

Harbin Fund Raising Committee

Nixon Lee, James Wong Man Tai, Angela Ying and Bunny Leung

P.S. By the way, if you can’t make the walk, you may want to just make a donation. Any amount is welcomed. Thanks in advance for your generosity!