Global-X program

Global-X is a program jointly organized the College, SJAAA and Student Association.

Objective of the Program:

It is a programme which allows students from HK, Mainland China and overseas to run a project together. Through the project, participants will learn from each other in different aspects, such as cultural, social, current affairs and political.

The Project X was kicked off on October 28, 2006 and around 29 students have enrolled in this Project.

Format of the Project X:

Each group will consist of 4-6 people, including local students and international students, an alumni will be assigned to each group as an advisor

Each group will select a topic for the group project and has to present the project in March

Throughout the programme, the group will attend the talk and visits together so as to get more idea about how to work out the project. On November 14, they will visit the Stock Exchange.