SJC Golf Day – Interfloor Golf Competition

SJCAA Golf Day 2006

Updated information

The 6th SJCAA Golf Day 2006 (第六屆聖莊高球日) is just 3 weeks away. Have you registered or still not made up your mind because of worrying about not able to catch the dinner appointment in Hong Kong afterwards? Below is the rundown on 24th November for your information.
Registration : 8:30am – 9:00am at the Sand River Golf Club
Group Photo Taking : 9:45am
Shot Gun Tee-off : 10:00am sharp at Course B
( Late comer can only play the remaining holes)
Tees : men (White Tee) ; ladies (Red Tee)
Late Lunch Buffet : 3:30pm onward
Prize Presentation : 4:15pm
Event Closing : before 5:00pm
So you still have the whole evening for your Friday night activities!
To make the game more interesting, the organizing committee has decided to add more prizes which include “closest to pin in all 4 holes”, “closest to centre line in a Par 4 or Par 5 hole” and “most par”.
About Transportation on 24/11, we have the following suggestions:
As it take only $40+ for the taxi trip from Huanggang to Sand river golf club , please take a taxi to the Club with one or two of your playing partner. Taxi from Huanggang to the Club will normally take about 20 minutes.
On return trip from the Club to Hunggang, the Club shuttle will be leaving at 5:00pm and 6:00pm. Shuttle fee will be HK$15 to Hunggang and $45 to Lok Ma Chau .But you have to reserve your seat in advance at the Clubhouse after registration. You may also take taxi back to Huanggang.
On Personal Expenses, as you will not be given a debit card, you have to settle all expenses like breakfast at the cafeteria, balls in the driving range and drinks & snacks at the halfway house in cash. So remember to keep more cash in your pocket other than your tips to the caddy.
About course design and course difficulty of the 18 holes (Course B and C) chosen for this tournament, please visit for details.


We are pleased to announce that the 6th SJCAA Golf Day 2006 (第六屆聖莊高球日) will be held on 24th November, 2006 (Friday) at the Sand River Golf Club in Shenzhen. In view of the growing number of SJC golfers, we have reserved 15 flights (60 players) for this event. As a matter of tradition, the event will be followed by early buffet dinner in the Clubhouse during which Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held. We expect prizes worth over HK$20,000.00 will be given away on that day. We thank our patrons for their generosity and support.
Like last year, to allow golfers of all levels to enjoy the game, two Gross Champion will be given for the men’s individual competition. Over the years, we saw new players from different floors joining this annual golf event and we have decided to change the format for floor champion slightly for the coming event. Instead of counting the gross scores of the best pair of 2 players from the same floor, the lowest total gross scores of the 4 players from the same floor will win the Inter-floor Champion this year. So, please join us and we guarantee you will have lots of fun.
Details of the event are as follows :-

Format : (1) Inter-floor Best of Four Competition
(2) Best Team of Two Competition
(3) Individual Stroke Play Competition

Tournament Rules : (1) Two players are required to form a team. Each floor can send more than one team.
(2) The Floor counting the best 4 players with the lowest total gross scores will win the Inter-floor Champion . In the event of a tie, the champion shall be decided by matching scorecards (total strokes of the 4 players of each hole) as follows:
* last 9 holes; *last 6 holes; *last 3 holes; *last hole
(3) If any floor fails to form a floor team, we will form a mixed floor team for those floors. The team of 2 players with lowest gross scores will win the Best Team Champion
(4) The New New Peoria System will be used for individual net competition.
(5) In case of dispute, the Tournament Director’s decision will be final.
Prizes : (1) Inter-floor Champion (Trophy, cash and souvenir)
(2) Men’s Gross Champion (Group A – handicap 20 or below, Group B – handicap 21 or above) (Medal, cash and souvenir)
(3) Ladies- Gross Champion (Medal, cash and souvenir)
(4) Men’s Net Champion (Medal, cash and souvenir)
(5) Ladies’ Net Champion (Medal, cash and souvenir)
(6) Longest Drive (Medal)
(7) Closest to the Pin (Medal)
(8) Most Birdies (1 Eagle = 2 Birdies) (Medal)
(9) Most Pars (Medal)
(10) Most Supportive Floor (Golf balls)
Tee-off time : 9 holes shot gun at around 11:00, details to be announced.
Entry fee : $950 each (match player); $520 each for Sand River member
: $780 each (leisure player)
Inclusive of green fee, caddy, buggy, locker and dinner buffet. Early Bird Discount of $100.00 (for match players only) for registration with full payment before 11th November, 2006 (i.e. 10 days before deadline)
Dinner Buffet : $120.00 per head, included in the entry fee
Registration : Simply fill in the attached reply slip and return by fax to 23698791 (Attn. Mr. James YL Wong) with pay-in / transfer slip (payable to “WONG YUK LOI” by cheque or transfer – HSBC Bank a/c no. 618-023931-001
Deadline : 22nd November 2006 (Wed) 6 p.m.
Spouse/Guest Policy : Spouse and their children aged 18 or above are welcomed to join the leisure golfing part only. No guest will be allowed for this event unless the reserved flights are not filled up.
Cancellation Policy : No refund after payment. Replacement allowed if circumstances allow.
Transportation : 14 seats shuttle bus from Huangguang (China side after crossing the border) to the Club and return trip after the event back to Huanggang is being arranged. Estimated fee per trip will not be more than $20 per head. (you will be informed of the exact arrangement by our transportation-in-charge – James YL Wong, after receiving your enrollment)
Enquiries : Captain Albert Chan (9073 9725)
James Wong (9408 1216)
Dr. Lau Fei Lung (9612 4001)
Philip Li (9195 0565)
Karen Kam (9103 5300)
Vincent Chiu (9109 3217)
Remarks : (1) Form your own team or we can do it for you.
(2) Participants playing leisure golfing are encouraged to form their own flights.
(3) All the above details are subject to final revision.
We wish all of you the best of luck and have fun! Please call your floor-mates NOW and make this coming golf event the biggest ever.

Golf Interest Group

To : Mr. James YL Wong (Fax. 23698791)


(1) I will participate in the Tournament / Leisure Golfing (please delete).
(2) I will / will not attend the buffet dinner after the game.
(3) Total amount $_____________ ($________ + $_________) with payment slip is attached.*
* golf only golf + dinner
match player (Sand River member) $ 400 $ 520
match player (non-member) $ 830 $ 950
leisure player (non-member) $ 660 $780

(4) Remarks :1. I will pair up with _________________________
2. My handicap is_______(for reference purpose and grouping arrangement only)
3. Will take the 14 seats shuttle bus from Huanggang (yes/no)
4. Will take the 14 seats shuttle bus after the event (yes/no)

Name (floor) :
Yr. Of Grad :
Contact No. :
Mobile :
E-mail :
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