Golf Malayan Cup Update – We lost 4.5 vs 7.5

The event was very successfully held in Mission Hill this year and nearly 60 St. Johnians and Riccians participated in this function in a working day in middle of the week.

This year, we lost again to the Ricci Hall due to the fact that we had some disadvantage against us on the handicap ladder arrangment.

Beside that 5 out of our 12 teams had been doing extremely well in capturing points from the Riccians who were 3-4 in general lower in handicap than us.

Please refer to the right hand side for more picture. More detail report will come from GIG in due course.

St. John’s Alumni is going to play against the Ricci Alumni on 10 May 2006 in the Mission Hill – Duval Course.

A total of 12 teams of two players from St. John’s Alumni will be participating in the event. This is the third year of the Malayan Cup –

The following are the list of the participants their handicap (On each tee time, the first two are Riccians and the lower 2 are St. Johnians. And it is very clear that St. John’s is not in very good shape this year.

Good Luck!

Tee Time Name Handicap

11:12 KEUNG Man Ching* 10
LUI, Andy 10
Alex Cheung 14
Alexander Ho 15

11:20 LAI Kwai Cheung 17
Chan Eric 17
LAU Wai Man* 21
Albert WONG (HK) 21

11:52 LEUNG Chi Wang 9
SHUM, Ivan 9
K P WU* 11
Norman Law 11

12:00 WAN, Laurence* 14
WAN, Dick 16
Albert CHAN 17
Philip LO 17

12:08 SIN Kwok Hung, Gallant 16
YU Kwan 16
Ivan LAU 18

12:16 Liu Ping Pong, Barry 16
PANG, Peter* 16
Vincent CHEUNG 19
CHENG Wai Ho 20

12:24 LAW, Victor 16
LAM Poon Wah 17
Rocky T S SUN* 20
Karlos K H FUNG 20

12:32 CHOI Ying Fai, Kenneth* 18
POON, David 18
Thomas SO 22

12:40 TAM Man Kwong, Chris 18
TSE, Charles 18
Chris CHE 24
Philip LI* 24

12:48 KWAN, Ambrose* 19
WONG Kwai Sang, Roger 20
Cleeve Chan 24
Monty HO 24

12:56 MOK Ho Yuen 13
TSO Chi Bun 13
LAU Fei Lung* 15
Prof. Philip LI 17

13:04 WONG, C C* 6
CHUNG Kin Lai 8
William TSAO king-chung 10

*Team Captain

Rules and Format
1. There is a minimum of 12 matches. Each side, St.John’s and Ricci, shall form 12 teams of 24 players (2 players for each team) to participate in the competition. Any side with shorted number of teams will lose the points of the shorted matches. If both sides have more than 12 teams to join, the total number of matches will be decided by the captains prior to the competition.
2. Format of each match is Four-Ball Match Play – a match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of the other two players.
3. Players of both sides are matched as per the ladders ranked by their respective handicap indexes. Each team captain shall submit the preliminary ladder of his team to the other side no later than 4 May 2006. The list shall be confirmed by 12:00 noon on 9 May 2006 and shall not be changed afterwards unless agreed by the team captains of both teams.
4. If any member of a team does not show up for the match, unless the team captain of the other team agreed to substitution of team member, the remaining member shall represent the team to play against the other team. If both members of a team are not present for the match, the team is considered ‘walk-over’ and the opponent team wins the point.
5. Matches are decided on the basis of gross scores. No handicap will be applied in the matches.
6. In order to speed up the game, a circle of approximately one putter length will be drawn around each hole. Any ball lying on or inside the circle shall be given a ‘give’ by adding one more stroke.
7. The maximum allowable stroke for any hole is double par.
8. One point is awarded for each match won. If the match is tied or “halved” through 18 holes of play, each team receives half a point.
9. The side with the most points at the conclusion of the matches wins the Malayan Cup.
10. If, at the conclusion of the matches, the teams are tied at equal points, the two teams shall share the cup with the defending champion keeping the Malayan Cup for the first half year.
11. Men will play from the Blue Tee.
12. Slow play shall be avoided. Group Leaders are responsible for monitoring the pace of play. Players who cannot score shall pick up the ball and proceed to the next hole.
13. Play is governed by the 2004 Rules of Golf as issued by The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and where applicable, by Local Rules.
14. Disputes shall be referred to the Appeal Committee. Members of the Committee includes: –
Mr. WU Ka Po