AGM 2006

I am very pleased to announce that we had a successful AGM yesterday (7 Feb 2006) during which the following ten St. Johnians were elected to be the Directors for the coming year of the Alumni Association:-

Mr. Vincent Chiu
Mr. Nixon Lee
Mr. James Wong
Mr. Paul Lee
Dr. Steve Cheung
Ms. June Au
Ms. Michelle Chan
Ms. Lee Huen Yee (new)
Ms. Vicky Li (new)
Ms. Joanna Wong (new)

With this new cabinet and your continued support of the Alumni Association, I am very sure that the Association will grow further this year.

We also have appointed Ms. Eliza Chang to be our Hon Legal Advisor and Mr. Eric Chung to be our Hon Auditor for the coming year.

Let us welcome all the new office bearers of the Association.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the out-going directors for their contribution to the Alumni Association in the past years: Mr. Jacky Wong, Mr. Angus Lee, Ms. Angela Man, Mr. Sum Chung and Mr. Darryl Fung. In addition, on behalf of the Association, I would like to pass our deep appreciation to Mr. Philip Lee who has been our Hon Legal Advisor for the past many years.

In the coming few weeks, the new board of directors will meet again and set the year plan for the coming year. Your precious input and suggestions to us will be much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of the directors or send us an email.

VIVA, Viva St. John’s

Yours truly,

Vincent Chiu


Directors’ Report 2005

The Year 2004-2005 had been a very fruitful year of St. John’s College Alumni Association.

With the maturity of our four strategies (Membership website, Program Segmentation, Triangle Relationship, Public Relationship), the Association put a lot of focus on organizing the Grand Re-union Ball towards the end of 2005 – the Aquila at Seasons. A special committee was formed to organize this ball from 17 December 2004 to the date when the Ball was held – 17 December 2005. This event reunited the alumni at different eras further and the overwhelming result plus having over 350 participants also affirmed the success of the Alumni Association.

In order to promote Aquila at Seasons, the Ball committee had also organized a series of social dance classes – 10 classes in total. This was also a very first attempt by the Association but the outcome was surprisingly encouraging. Starting from 7th October 2005, on every Friday, about 20 alumni attended these dancing classes conducted by professional dancing teachers. These “students” even performed what they had learnt during the Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Sixteen St. Johnians and their family members (age from 2.5 years old to 80 years old) went together on Sunday, 13th March 2005, to Mai Po Nature Reserve to see the largest wetland in HK. There were about 10 participants who had originally enrolled with their family members could not join the expedition due to the sudden drop of temperature to below 10 degrees on the day before the visit.

The other activities jointly organized with the College or the Student Association of SJC included the High Table Dinner Talk by Dr. York Chow (7 Nov 2005), Round the Island Run (9 Apr 2005).

On the Student side, this year, we accepted students to join the membership of the Association before graduation so that they could enjoy more benefit from the Association.

For the summer internship, there were 15 participating companies and more than 60 students enrolled for the function. At the end, more than 20 students got assigned to their preferred internship. Two Mentorship Programs were kicked off in January 2005 and October 2005. More than 50 alumni took part in the one held in January 2005. However, the feedback was that the students in general lacked initiatives to contact their mentors and thus reduced the effectiveness of the program. In the recent mentorship program, a new format similar to the “Table of Six” was adopted where two mentors are taking care of four mentees. Each “Table of Six” mentor-mentee group will then do a project to show that each member of the group upholds a clear objective of learning from each other. This is still a new trial format for the mentorship program and the result has yet to be seen.

On the Aquila teams, a dinner was held 21 Feb 2005 with all the Aquila Teams of the Alumni. All the Aquila teams were encouraged to use the Alumni web site more in order to promote their teams further.

Golfing has still been the most popular game among the Alumni Association. With the great contribution from the Golf Interest Group (GIG), the SJCAA Golf Day was successfully held in Dec 2005 and the Malayan Golf Cup competition with Ricci alumni was held in May 2995. Apart from this, SJCAA also participated in the Inter-varsity Golf Competition between HKU and CU and achieved excellent results for our individuals.

Financially, SJCAA still has a sound financial background although we have not organized many profitable activities besides the Christmas Ball. Membership is still growing steadily and has nearly reached 900 in the web site registration.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Directors for the contribution they have made to SJCAA. I thank them for all the sacrifices including their precious family time, personal time or even company hours to work for the Alumni functions. I would also like to thank the support from all our Alumni as well as our President and Vice-Presidents for their unlimited support to the Association.

V-I-V-A, Viva St. John’s.

Yours truly,

Vincent Chiu
Chairman 2004-5

Please also refer to the Finance Report on the left hand side for more details