Aquila at Seasons – 358 St. Johnians Rally Around

St. John’s Christmas Ball – Aquila at Seasons was successfully held at the Four Seasons Hotel on 17 Dec 2005.

Beside the fact that the program was delayed for an hour and a half due to the traffic impact by the WTO demonstrations, everyone attended the Ball fully enjoyed themselves. The delay only lenghtened the cocktail section which actually had provided our participants amble time to mingle with each other. There seemed to be endless topics when old friends met.

At around 8:15, the program started with the Chairman of the Ball Mr. Vincent Chiu acknowledged varies parties and Alumni contributing to the success of the event: our patrons Dr. York Chow, Mr. Lawrence Fok, Mr. Ho Wing Huen; our special sponsors for the events – Dr. Cho Kwai Chee for the cocktail and Mr. Stephen Chung for the live band and the whole organising commitee: Ms. Michelle Chan, Mr. Alvin Lo, Ms. Vivian Lee, Mr. Alan Lam, Mr. Ric Wu, Mr. Nixon Lee, Mr. Barry Sum, Mr. James Ho and Mr. Darryl Fung.

After the speeches of Dr. York Chow and Rev Paul Tong, the Ball was formally open with the College Song led by 14 (Eric Lee our photographer was off-stage) past SJCSA Chairmen.

There were altogether 358 guests coming to the Ball with 32 tables fully occupied at the Four Seasons Hotel which was just open in Sep 2005.

All drinks were complimentary in the Ball and everyone enjoyed the food and the wine very much. The highlights of the Ball came to the three performances. First the band by 4 brothers in the 80’s – Dr. Teddy Chik, Mr. Vicktor Chan, Mr. Ball Wong and Dr. Yau Yik Kwong. Then Dr. Ip Man Ho led the Hall to sing 3 popular Christmas carols in the karaoke sectioin. It followed by our social dance course instructors Dr. Kent Chow, Ms. Kennes Yiu (Miss Asia) and Ringo to perform the authentic Latin dance for us.

Over ten students who participated in the Social Dance course then came out to perform what they have learned in the last 3 months.

The Ball ended up successfully after the raffle draw and with the Ballroom dance / Disco for all those St. Johnians who want to dance till midnight.

More pictures available at the Forum Section of this web site under the SJCAA Event. Please go there to check it out.

In addition, we are composing a DVD which not only capture all the beautiful pictures (near 500 photos) of the evening, but also a movie shot from two professional photographers during that night for us. It will also be put together with the pictures professionally.

Don’t miss the DVD too if you have come for the Ball already (or even for those who has missed this event). To order fo the DVD, please email to with your name, mail address, contact no. and payment record of HKD100 to our SJCAA, HKU Ltd. account at HSBC 026-434613-001.