Mentorship Program 2005 – TOS

Dear Alumni,

St. John’s has a strong tradition and culture of supporting young ones to be successful in the College life. It is also the good tradition of the Alumni Association to provide mentorship program from our Alumni to the current undergraduates so that they will be more equipped when they getting into the society after graduation.

This is the fourth year that St. John’s Alumni is organising the mentorship program. Taking both the success and the learning from the past mentorship program, we will like to organise this year’s event in a different way.

Instead of using the one-to-one or one-to-two style, we have decided that this year mentorship program will be done on a one-to-five basis — in another word, a Table of Six format (TOS).

We would like to group both the Alumni and students as according to their preference, interests and disciplines into the group of six persons each. Each group might have 2-3 Alumni or 3-4 students. We will suggest that there will be regular meetings, lunches or dinners at a table of six. Then each TOS group will also start to work on one project throughout the whole engagement. The topic and the duration of such project will be determined by the TOS and then coordinated through the Alumni Association.

The objectives of such group will be to enhance further the interflow of idea and experience among not only the mentor-mentee, but also between mentor-mentor and and mentee-mentee. The project could be small or big or even to organise some Alumni related programs for all of us. We would like to achieve the sharing and active interaction through such projects and fulfill the ultimate aims of organising the mentorship program.

If you are interested, for students please send a note to Ms. Cathy Chan at or for Alumni June Au at

Please provide the following information before 10th November 2005. Our first kick-off gathering will be on Thursday 17th November 2005.

For Students
Name-Floor-year-contact no.- email address-hobbies-two objectives you want to achieve in this program (e.g. want to know more about marketing, banking ..etc.)

For Alumni
Name-Floor-year-contact no.- email address-hobbies-two objectives you want to achieve in this program (e.g. want to pass your working experience to.. or want to teach undergraduate to play golf.)

Yours truly,
June Au
Director SJCAA

on the left: photos of the mentorship program of previous years