St. John’s Orientation 2005 Schedule

This year, the Orientation of St. John?s College will last for 9 days, from 27th August to 4th September. Highlights are as follows:

Mass Orientation: Aug 28, 2005 – 8am to 11pm
Floor Orientation: Aug 29, 2005 – 2pm to late at night
Cultural Programme: Sept 2, 2005 – 7pm-10pm
Floor “Sing Sin”: Sept 3, 2005 – 8pm till early in the morning

For your convenience, a schedule of the programme is attached on the left. We sincerely invite you to come back to St. John’s during the Orientation, especially Mass Orientation, Floor Orientation and “Sing Sin”. Your comments certainly benefit the new brothers and surely your support means a lot to us!

Extract from current student Howard Mok