Lost in Amusement – a Play by Old St. Johnians

Lost in Amusement – The first public performance proudly presented by our SJC old culturalians, Rodramian Association

It is a story about the weird experience of Gary. His parents disappeared from his daily life suddenly and he even lost the memory of them. Gary was trapped in an imaginary world of GAMES for unknown reason. Everything around him was so unfamiliar and ridiculous.
The Rodramian Association invites you to join actors in this series of adventures and games. This hilarious drama will bring you fun, joy and a new understanding of family.


Date: 13 August
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: AC Hall of the Hong Kong Baptist University
Price: $70 or $40
Interested parties may call 6221 4148 or visit our website www.rodramian.com for buying tickets.
Other ticket selling points: Cat Store, Mackie Study, Basheer design books, Red and Book and the PANIC.

兒嬉劇團誠意送上話劇 《別太孩子戲》


日期: 8月13日
時間: 晚上7時半
地點: 浸會大學大學會堂
票價: 70元或40元
有興趣者,可致電 6221 4148 或登入 www.rodramian.com 購票。其他售票地點: 阿貓地攤、阿麥書房、書得起、紅與書及 the PANIC