Golf Malayan Cup Result

We lost by 3 to 7 to Riccians this year.

The tournament was conducted smoothly and accompanied with ocassional shower and lightening!

Everybody enjoyed the game cause no one got sun burn.

Ricci really admire our organising ability – throughful and lot of souvenirs and already became a challenge to them for next year’s event.

The event reached its climax after everyone fed up with delicious buffet and drinks. The winning team came up to the stage and collect their medals.

Albert conducted a charity T-shirt sale and nearly all sold to Ricci’s team captain, Dennis So, almost at once at HK$100/each.

Don’t forget to mention our sponsor on mini golf bags, Dominic Chu of Good Decision, and this is the 2nd time of his generous sponsorship including the GIG Golf Day last year.

All St John’s players were invited to collect the remaining mini golf bags and golf balls as encouragement and thanks for their participation.

The great event was end with group photo with Riccian and St Johnian together. I am sure James will arrange with Vincent to post up the photo in our wed site and you will see those under 75 (entry year not age!) were all seating in the middle row. Some are sixty something! Guess who?

See u all later in the golf course.

(extract from Cleeve Chan)

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