Mentor-Mentee High Table Dinner

The first event of the Alumni Association this year was held this Monday at St. John’s where some of the mentors were meeting their mentees for the first time.

There were altogether around 50 Alumni (Mentors) coming back to the occassion. They sat with their mentee(s) on the same table during the high-table dinner.

After the dinner, when the current students stood up and sang the College Song (vivia St. John’s), our Alumni were not too happy about the way the current College Song was sung – too slowly and not lively. As a result, led by Dr. Tam Yat Cheung and Wong Man Tai, James (both ex-Chairmen), the Alumni sang the College Song in the “old” manner once again to all the current students.

Then, when came to the Student Common Room for the photo taking, all the seniors again demanded the current students to sing to the Alumni the floor songs of each floor once again to make sure they were still “upto standard”. It was really a lot of fun.

Each mentee then would take their mentor to visit their own room and share more about their hall life with the mentor.

This is the third year that the Alumni is organising the mentorship schedule. As addressed by Vincent Chiu, we cannot say that we have been very successful, but we are definitely learning each year to do this better.

We would like also to take this opportunity to thank all the mentors for the time they have and will be committing to this program. We also like to wish our mentorship scheme to be very successful this year.