Mentor-Mentee High Table Dinner

On Monday, 17th January, all the mentors will be invited by their mentees to sit with them and attend the High-Table Dinner together (7:00 pm sharp.)

There will be a sherry gathering with Rev. Paul Tong in Senior Common Room at 18:30. Please be noted that the high table dinner will be start promptly at 19:00 and please arrive on time. Black gowns will be provided before the high table dinner. During the high table, you will sit with your mentees. We recommend you to travel to St. John’s by public transport as there are only limited space for car parking (Car park is in 93 Pokfulam Road and Flora Ho Sports Center).

After then, there will be a sharing section and then followed by room visit of the Mentors to their mentees’ rooms.

All the mentors should make sure they have the invitation from the mentees on this event and also notify the College through the mentees for your presence.