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Feb 18: SJCAA Wine Workshop
Dec 14: SJCAA Golf Day 2016
Nov 27: Recruit players for ladies' softball
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Golf Day 2016
The 15th Anniversary SJCAA Golf Day was held successfully on 14th December 2016 at the Yinli Golf Cl ...
(December 14, 2016) More...
Welcome Party for New Members
40 Alumni and Current St. Johnians joined the Welcome Party for New Members this year held at the St ...
(October 24, 2016) More...
AQUA AQUILA - bottleless for St. John's
大熱天時及至秋天郊遊旺季A ...
(September 09, 2016) More...
AGM 2016
AGM 2016 was held successfully at the HKUAA on 7 Sep 2016. The following directors were elected: M ...
(September 07, 2016) More...
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