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Sep 23: Golf Malayan Cup 2015 (St. John's vs Ricci)
Sep 18: Who Moved my Retirement Cheese?
Jul 21: AGM 2015
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AGM 2015
Following the AGM 2015 & 1st Directors' Meeting (2015-2016) held at HKUAA on the evening of 21 July ...
(July 21, 2015) More...
Biannual Report of St. John's Foundation
As the result of the surplus from the Legend of Aquila (2012), St. John's Foundation has raised its ...
(June 01, 2015) More...
Round the Island 2015
Organized by SJCSA session 2013-2014 (YingHin) and supported by SJCAA YAC, RTI 2015 recorded a high ...
(May 02, 2015) More...
Recruitment of Tutors
Recruitment of Floor Tutors at St John's Critical Transition Period I would like to invite you to ...
(March 26, 2015) More...
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