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Jun 21: AGM 2017
Apr 30: Round The Island 2017 SJCAA, YAC
Apr 29: Whisky Nite
Sense of belonging
News - Get updated with the alumni
Whisky Nite
20 Alumni and friends attended the first Whisky Nite organised by SJCAA. Mr. Kevin Ng was our fac ...
(April 29, 2017) More...
Incident on 21 March 2017
Please find on the right the Open Letter to Alumni and St. Johnians.
(April 09, 2017) More...
Recruitment of Floor Tutors
Please refer to the PDF on the left for more information.
(March 06, 2017) More...
Golf Day 2016
The 15th Anniversary SJCAA Golf Day was held successfully on 14th December 2016 at the Yinli Golf Cl ...
(December 14, 2016) More...
Home | Exco | News | Upcoming Events

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